Listings management

Local SEO begins with optimized business information that is consistent EVERYWHERE. With over 150 platforms, getting it right, keeping everything in sync and accurate can be an impossible task for an entrepreneur. Not with Vizian. We combine experience, know-how, and the latest technology for listings management that is easy, automatic, and effective.

Keeping it up

You can rest assured that once we optimize your business listings, we are on hand to constantly  monitor them and make sure nothing overrides your information. Our auto locking process protects your business information so it is accurate, continually checking to keep that way.

Vizian gets it right for you

We eliminate bad business listings, inaccurate facts, missing information, and duplicates that impact customer trust and damage search engine results. Across many platforms, formats, data fields, and media formats, Vizian ensures your business reputation is complete, consistent, and up-to date, secured from one central source of truth across over 150 platforms.

Data is the game in local SEO

You can keep tabs on performance and have an open window to insight that can build on your success. Our reports and analytics help you reach the right audience, see how consumers engage with your brand, and let you know what local search terms are working best.

Is Your Business Information Optimized Now?

Just how well is your listings management today? Are your business listings consistent EVERYWHERE? And just what are potential customers seeing right now.