Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile is fundamental for local SEO—especially on mobile devices. If you don’t have a solid GMB profile, you might as well not exist. Google My Business drives ranking for relevant searches, feeds information to search results in the knowledge boxes, and literally you’re your business on the map.

Free Isn’t Easy When It Comes to Your Google My Business Listing

Claiming your Google My Business profile is free, but optimizing it and keeping it up to date isn’t easy. That is why Vizian offers Google My Business Management as a service.

Vizian makes sure your business can be easily found by consumers everywhere; at their desks and on their phones. Our service automates the basics and is directly integrated with all Google services. Manual processes are time consuming and prone to errors and omissions. Our integrated automation ensures Google search, maps, and the apps and voice assistants that depend on data, are all kept current in real time.

Unprecedented Control and Speed Managing Your GMB Profile

Control your Google My Business profile through the Vizian Knowledge Network dashboard. Consumers make billions of searches on Google properties every day, so you want to give them the most accurate, complete information possible. Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Waze, Google Home, Google+ and others all draw on Google My Business data. Our dashboard gives you not just an easy way to control that information, but to make sure it is consistent and current everywhere. Our verification function alerts you to out-of-date information and ownership conflicts. You can address them without leaving the dashboard.

Enhanced Functionality for Enhanced Results

The Vizian dashboard puts customer engagement and interaction capabilities directly in your hands. You can centrally monitor and respond to consumer questions across Google properties, eliminating the cumbersome need to go to each area of Google to uncover customer questions and comments and individually reply. We also provide a Publisher Suggestions feature that detects when a consumer has suggested edits or enhancements. You can conveniently make changes within the dashboard that populate throughout Google instantly.

Streamline Google My Business Management

Vizian centralizes Google My Business management for you. We make it easy to ensure your Google presence is always complete and current across the entire search ecosystem. We are your unified tool for managing maps, apps, voice assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks that consumers use to search for businesses and services like yours.

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