Winning in Local Search: How Your Business Can Profit with Effective Local SEO

Effective local search, local SEO that puts you on top local rankings, can make or break your business. Getting it right takes enormous attention to detail and constant effort. The changing landscape in this highly competitive and high stakes endeavor challenges you be on your game all of the time What Is Local Search? Local […]

Voice Search

Voice Search, Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants: Be the Right Answer to the Right Questions. Voice search is fast overtaking typed queries. Whether on phones or smart speakers, customers are finding your business by speaking questions into devices. Google expects 50% of searches will be voice initiated—and many if not most of these are local. […]

Reviews and Brand Reputation

Reviews and Brand Reputation Reviews are absolutely critical in showing up at the top of local search results. And more than that, they are a key driver of business. Some 90% of people check reviews before they come to your place of business. 72% say they trust businesses with plentiful and good reviews more, with […]